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Kirtland Middle School BB 6The Kirtland Middle School Broncos completed an undefeated year (16-0) with a Basin Championship victory over the Hermosa Matadors, 64-41, on March 3.
“We had high expectations for the year and this is a talented group,” said Chris Ledek, Kirtland Middle School coach. “They can achieve great goals at the high school level if they continue to work hard each year, keep progressing, stay together, compete with class, and work hard in the classroom.  I think they realize this and I'll be excited to see them at the next level.”
A constant reminder the team shared with each other was to "Compete with Class." The team aimed to use the mantra to prepare for games and during games, no matter if they won or lost.
Congratulations to the Kirtland Middle School Basketball Team!
Kirtland Middle School BB 5 
2018 Kirtland Middle School Basketball Team
Jeremy Barber #31
Levon Begay #33
Raymetrius Benally #52
Kragen Cadman #25
Reggienell Guy #10
Matthew Hawkins #12
Elijah Jenks #24
Troy King #32
Kasey Manuelito #30
Jared Platero #21
Christian Simpson #54
Josiah Teller #20
Kenyon Tyler #22
Cayden Yazzie #23

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