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Attn: Human Resources, P.O. Box 1199, Shiprock, New Mexico 87420
Phone: (505) 598-1017/18  |  HR Fax: (505) 598-1019
High Five C Jul2015The Central Consolidated School District is seeking enthusiastic, passionate, and the best qualified applicants in all fields, with a higher need for mathematics, science, and special education teachers.
The District is in the heart of the beautiful Four Corners region of San Juan County in the northwest corner of New Mexico. It borders Colorado to the north, Arizona to the west, and Utah to the northwest.
The Central Consolidated School District serves the communities of Kirtland, Ojo Amarillo, Newcomb, Naschitti, and Shiprock, New Mexico.
There are eight elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, and one alternative high school, as well as the preschools.
The District provides competitive salaries and benefits, access to the state retirement plan, holidays, personal days, and sick leave, as well as professional development and new teacher mentors.

The Central Consolidated School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Work with us!

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Exit survey

Thank you for your service. We would appreciate any information you wish to share about your decision to leave. We strive to make this District a great place to work and appreciate your insight and feedback. If you would like to meet with Ms. Violet Kelley, Human Resource Director, please call (505) 598-1018 to make an appointment. Click here to complete the survey.

Human Resources Staff

  • Director of Human Resources: Violet Kelley – Legal Matters, Union Negotiation
  • Human Resources Coordinator: Tanya Amrine – Licensure/Waivers, Mentorship, Foreign Nationals, Student Teachers
  • Human Resources Coordinator: Margaret Trocheck – Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, FMLA
  • Human Resources Specialist: Kathy Whiteley – Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, FMLA
  • Human Resources Specialist: Stephanie Escobar – ePARs, Employee Contracts
  • Human Resources Confidential Secretary: Belinda Simpson - Personnel A-P
  • Human Resources Confidential Secretary: Leandra Etcitty - Personnel Q-Z, Transfer Requests, Resignations, Substitutes, Coaches, Volunteers
  • Human Resources Confidential Secretary: Arielle John – Finances, Legal Secretary, School Board Policy, Sick Leave Bank
  • Human Resources Confidential Secretary: Brianna Begay – Front Desk Reception, Job Postings, Phone Directory
  • Print Shop Technician: Jerrod Noble District Graphics, Design and Printing
  • Public Relations: Renee Lucero – Public Relation Officer, Custodian of Records, Advertising
  • Webmaster: Roberto Taboada – District Website and Photographer

Salary Schedules