A public records request can be written or verbal.
Written requests should provide the requestor's name and contact information per the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.
The requestor will never be asked to provide a reason for the request. Records are provided within 3 days of when the request was received but may take up to 15 days. Every effort is made to provide public records as soon as possible within this time frame. Public records that can be emailed electronically in PDF, Excel, or other online formats are provided at no charge. Hard copies of public records are 50 cents per page. Copies are provided in the format the District stores them in. Most records are stored electronically.
  • Fill out the Request to Inspect Public Records Form
    • Requests should be e-mailed to: Superintendent Daniel P. Benavidez, Attn: Public Relations & Custodian of Records Supervisor: Roberto Taboada. e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Or mailed to: Central Consolidated School District, Attn: Public Relations & Custodian of Records Supervisor, P.O. Box 1199, Shiprock, New Mexico, 87420.
  • You can also fill out the Online Request to Inspect Public Records Form