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School grade celebrations
State of New Mexico Secretary of Education Comes to JNE
The NM State Secretary of Education Christopher Ruszkowski visited Judy Nelson Elementary on Monday. September 11. He was able to take a brief tour of our new building and see a lot of the classrooms in action. He stopped in Mrs. Haws's room to greet students and to present the school with a New Mexico Rising banner for our second consecutive year in A status.
Mrs. Judy Nelson for whom the school was named after also was on hand to meet Mr. Ruszkowski. When asked what she thought of JNE earning an A grade, Mrs. Nelson confidently replied, "It's no surprise. We have awesome people here!" Superintendent Dr. Colleen Bowman also presented Principal Steve Carlson with a banner praising the school for its academic achievement. Congratuations to the school staff and students who've worked so hard to make this school grade a reality -- WAY TO GO, MUSTANGS!!!