Mesa Roadrunner SymbolDear parents,
The faculty of Mesa Elementary School and I wish to welcome you to a new school year. We welcome you as being a part of the Mesa Elementary family.  In our goal to improve the educational process, it is very important that teachers, parents, and administrators communicate openly concerning the progress of the students. Ultimately, each student will gain educational success according to the effort that he/she applies.
Students should be well rested and prepared for each school day. Students are encouraged to attend school daily so as not to miss what is being taught in class.  We believe that children learn better in a friendly, caring, supportive environment where all students develop self-motivation and a sense of responsibility.
Please check Mesa's handbook which is filled with important information regarding school policies and procedures that will create a learning environment that is conducive for all students. The better informed we are the better our students will be prepared.
Parents and students should review the contents together. Should you have any questions regarding the handbook please feel free to call the office.  A line of open communication between, parents, staff, students, and the office is essential to the success of our school and educational program.