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Dear Newcomb Middle School Parents/Guardians and Students:
Newcomb Middle School Principal
Newcomb Middle School (NMS) is committed to educating your son or daughter for their success in a changing world. We believe there is a direct correlation between academic success and regular classroom attendance. Regular and consistent attendance will help your child to learn the necessary skills, develop responsibility and self-discipline. We want to provide a better educational pathway to high school as well as prepare your son/daughter for the college and workplace setting after they graduate.
We feel it is very important for your son/daughter to pass each class every quarter, every semester and earn good grades towards the next grade level. Each school year is crucial to earn all the credits for each class with passing grades. This will help them to be ready for the next grade or high school. When students do not come to school and/or fail their classes, they may get retained in the same grade for the next school year. This can cause students to get behind, lose interest in school and drop-out. At Newcomb Mid, the administration, teachers and support staff has established high standards for reading and math goals so we can improve your child’s reading and math skills.
We are writing this letter to students and their parents/guardians to extend our helping hand. We are here to help your son/daughter with their learning and to pursue an excellent education. We will need your help to have your child in class every day to learn all the skills they need to be successful. They will need to listen, ask questions if they don’t understand, do all their school work and turn them in to the teacher right away. Please call us or visit us to let us know if your child needs extra help or if he/she will be absent. This way, we can have teachers give your child any missed assignments or class work. We can help students to clear up their unexcused absence(s) by getting notes from parents/guardians as to why their child was absent. In addition, the Counselor is available to help if your child needs extra help or if there are any concerns with class schedules.
The CCSD attendance policy is located in the new NMS Student Planner. It provides the District policy based on New Mexico State Statutes. It defines absences and tardies, and specifies the impact of quarter/semester grades due to absences and tardies. Based on this policy, we will be tracking individual student attendance and tardies in order to help us make informed intervention decisions for your son/daughter on a weekly basis. Our main intent is to intervene early after an absence to avoid no grade (NG) and/or no credit.
All parents/guardians have access to PowerSchool for your son/daughter’s information on attendance and grades. If you need to get access to PowerSchool for login information, you can get your username and password by contacting Ms. Belinda Sam at (505) 696.3434.
As always, please contact me by email, by phone or visit me in my office or contact Mr. Eric Arpelar, Assistant Principal for additional information or if you have any concerns or questions.
Ms. Ethel M. Manuelito, Principal 

Biography: Born in Arizona, and raised just outside of Tohatchi, N.M. Ms. Manuelito attended University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, N.M. where she majored in Family and Consumer Education with a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Arts in Counseling. She also attended Western New Mexico University at the Gallup branch, where she majored in Special Education. Upon graduating she worked as a special education teacher for 15 years, and as a Director of Special Education. That was a position she held for two years, during which she earned her MA in educational leadership from Western New Mexico University. After this, she joined Navajo Technical University where she was the Dean of Student Services for 7 years. Next, she worked at Ch’ooshgai Community School as a principal for 3 years. Later, she joined Gallup McKinley County Public Schools as the Assistant Superintendent for 5 years and 7 years as the principal of Tohatchi High School. Now she is here at Newcomb Middle School. Outside of her role as Principal, Ms. Manuelito is a mom to four children (three daughters and a son), grandmother to eleven grandchildren and one great-grandson. Her hobbies are sewing quilts, reading, Zumba, and traveling. She gets along well with others and enjoy working with students. Her favorite colors are purple, pink and turquoise.
Ms. Manuelito can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.